Saturday, November 29, 2014

An update from REXY herself

I pushed several projects back just because I didn't want to give the world just anything. I'm focused right now on my goals, and the goals I have set for New Money Entertainment. MY mixtape #CrownRoyal2 Coming pretty soon.Like Early 2015 soon. The D.R.U.G.S. & M.O.N.E.Y. album is dropping around Easter. Planning some shows and some travelling for 2015. If you aint planning now for 2015 then you already behind.

Next UP

S/O to Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJs . For putting yours Truly on the their next up mixtape. Really every NME Member has been on a Next UP Mixtape with Coast2Coast at this point. We #Salute you

Crowned Royal 2 Mixtape Teaser

Just a taste of what's on the Crowned Royal 2 mixtape. This aint even the half.

Nigga We made it!!! Nah Not really, we just got on a mixtape that's all.

Woke up and got a surprise. Guess who made The Hottest in NC Mixtape.

Sherexmykes Does an Interview with Walt At Club Knowldege

Click here to read the entire interview. Find where the name came from and what's next for Sherexmykes. CrunkAtlanta Magazine and Promo