Monday, July 4, 2016


I made this as Thank You to my Fans and as a Welcome to the new followers. I just really listening to so David Banner and Big KRIT and got inspired.

This beat is Free for Non Profit use only. Just credit me by saying "Produced by Sherexmykes"
Email what you spit to it. @ Sherexmykes

However if you want to make money with it then click here.

The Cover of the SRM's Mixtape "Your R 2 Late"

No it's not a play off of Drake's album title IYRTYTL. Pretty much I titled the EP "You R 2 Late" because I'm too determined, I'm into deep into this music stuff, and I can't quit even if I wanted to stop. So if you think I'm gonna stop anytime soon "You R 2 Late". Links to pre-order and subscribe coming soon.

New Release #FreeDownload "Uber"

Uber comes from the "You R 2 Late" EP. Sherexmykes is taking new approach by allowing listener to leave feedback voicemail at (641) 715-3900 ext 765372#, and responding the callers. The EP will be on several websites, but will mainly be on Google Play and Amazon for free download.